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Video Game Invention

Personal Games

These are games I created in my spare time



Inspired by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, I created Devour using Unity and Adobe Illustrator. Players begin as a small planet in a vast universe, where the goal is to grow by consuming smaller celestial bodies while evading giant stars.

Key Design Points

  • Gravity between the player and the planets intensifies the challenge

  • Visual and sound cues near larger stars indicate danger

  • Diverse areas feature varying planet patterns, with rewards and challenges.

Future Features

  • Introducing collectible items and player leveling for added excitement.

  • Incorporating unique enemy types with distinct behaviors demands diverse player strategies for combat.

AR Ruler

This is my first venture into augmented reality application development for Android smartphones, created with Unity, AR Foundation, and ARCore. As an intern at Peer Giant System Inc., I designed AR Ruler to serve as a compelling Proof-of-Concept for a crucial customer project. The concept also found its way into my senior project, Facility Planning and Simulation in MR, enhancing the accuracy of virtual warehouse equipment placement through mixed-reality technology.

AR Ruler.gif


I created a Tetris game as a birthday gift for my mother, who is a Tetris enthusiast and had been frustrated with the ads in Google Playstore games. I crafted an ad-free Tetris game, enhancing my Unity and C# skills. This experience paved the way for my role as the leader and primary software programmer in my senior project.

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