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Game Design


Welcome to "Neon Noir," a captivating and immersive six-player game in the style of Jackbox. This is a 90-minute multiplayer experience with a thrilling mixture of puzzle-solving, role-playing, and murder mystery


Players must navigate the enigmatic memory maps of Ava, collecting clues, unraveling secrets, and working in tandem to uncover the truth. However, one of them plays the role of the murderer, intent on hiding crucial information and deceiving their companions. Can you trust your fellow investigators, or will you be ensnared in a web of deceit, while the murderer lurks among you? Sharpen your wits, trust no one, and let "Neon Noir" transport you to a world where your survival hinges on solving the ultimate mystery. Remember, in the shadows of every soul, lies a secret waiting to be discovered.

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Game Demo



Project basic settings



Tool Used

Unity, Photon Fusion


6 Members


4 Months

My Role

Game Designer, Programmer

My Responsibility

What I did in the project

Neon Noir is a 4-month project with 6 team members consisting of artists, narrative designers, game designers, and programmers. I am the game designer and programmer of the team

Game Design

  • The core game loop

  • The UI structure without the art

  • Character special abilities

  • Puzzle designs

  • The map structures/ level design without the art

  • Player interactions with the game and other players


  • The basic game loop structure

  • Investigation interactions, player abilities

  • Puzzle interactions

  • UI connections

  • Player reconnecting function

Narrative Design

  • Detail implementation of the base narrative structure

  • Clue designs and placement to fit in the narrative

Party-Game Structure

How to play the game

The computer acts as the host of the game which opens up a room for everyone to connect. It shows important information that all the players need to know

Six phones will connect to the room created by the computer. Each player will access their personal information through the phone, they can choose to tell others or lie about it

Core Game Loop

The process of the game


During the introduction phase, all the players will watch the intro video on the computer for the background of the world and introduce them to the story.


In the investigation phase, players search the map for clues and puzzles at interest points. When all clues are found or action points are used up, the game transitions to the discussion phase.


Players utilize collected clues and puzzles to advance through the memory, reconstruct the story, and leverage special abilities when needed to obtain vital information.

Character Selection

Players will then choose their characters and read about their backstories to get into the role-playing aspect of the game. After that, a video of Bishop Kaine's assistant will tell the players their situation and their mission.


Once all crucial clues have been recovered or all players reach a consensus to vote, the game proceeds to its final stage. In this phase, every player casts a vote for the person they believe is the murderer. The game then reveals one of two different videos, depending on whether the players' collective answer is correct or not.

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In the year 2085, Seattle has become a sprawling metropolis, where the powerful Technocrats promise a future defined by advanced technology, while the pervasive grip of crime lords runs the city's streets. Amid this chaotic balance, Kaine Industries, a technological juggernaut renowned for its pioneering brain-computer interface technology, is ready to reveal a world-altering secret, a groundbreaking technology that will be unveiled personally by the enigmatic CEO, Bishop Kaine. However, everything shatters when Bishop Kaine's daughter, Ava Kaine, is discovered dead early this morning. The mystery surrounding her tragic death looms large, casting doubt over the impending announcement.

With Kaine Industries' brain chip technology, Bishop identifies six individuals who were present on the final day of Ava's recollections and locks them within her memory. Their fate is either to work together and unveil the truth behind the tragedy or face a collective demise.

Other Characters

Playable Characters

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